6 Common Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

10 Nov

A Girl Demostrating an Example of Hair Care MistakesInfrequent trims, too much conditioner, and a penchant for ponytails are just a few of the harmful hair care habits that could be responsible for your bad hair days. While most us spend a good chunk of time each day washing and styling our hair, it turns out that we may be guilty of making some common hair care mistakes that can keep our locks from looking their best.

Find out here what you should definitely not do and what you should always pay special attention to.

Over Washing Your Hair

Many people often shampoo every day because they feel that their hair is greasy feeling by the end of the day. By shampooing our hair every this strips the natural oils that our scalp produces that the hair needs to be healthy. This truly dehaydrates the hair no matter how much you condition with synthetic hydrators such as conditioner cream. By shampooing frequently this triggers the oil gland in the scalp to produce more oil to help aid in secreting the loss that was just washed away.

The solution: Try going 2-3 days without washing, this may be brutal in the beginning to “re-train” your oil glands into thinking that extra oils are not needed. If you still have oily hair problem, the Tee Tree and Peppermint Oil helps remove buildup and cleanse the scalp.

Conditioning Only the Ends

Many of us have been told to apply conditioner only to lower half of our hair, especially if it’s fine and limp. The thinking is that a conditioner will weigh it down. But, in reality, fine hair is very fragile and needs the extra support of a daily conditioner. Hair is weakest when it’s wet, and can stretch up to 30% more, which makes it prone to breakage.

The solution: Use a light conditioner from roots to tips that moisturizes and strengthens hair without weighing it down.

Towel-Drying in a Rushed Manner 

No matter how fast you need to get ready, frantically rubbing your hair with a towel won’t speed up drying time, and could actually cause a bad hair day. “Your hair is weakest when wet, so if you rub it harshly, you’ll rough up the hair cuticles and cause frizz and breakage,” explains Overton.

The solution: First, spritz detangling spray all over, then squeeze out water using a soft, super-absorbent towel.

Using the Wrong Brush

Not all brushes are created equal, and you may be using the wrong one when styling your hair. It may not seem like a big deal, but using the wrong brush can cause serious damage to your locks.

The solution: If you have chin or shoulder-length hair, or want to add more volume, you’ll want to use a small round brush. For longer, thicker hair, use a large brush. And a paddle shape is best for those looking to make hair smoother. The general rule is, the longer your hair, the larger the brush.

Avoiding Heat-Protective Products

Women need to protect their hair before using a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron for two reasons. First, using a hot tool causes friction, which damages cuticle cells and causes breakage. Furthermore, the heat can burn your hair, making it feel dry and brittle.

The solution: Choose a conditioning heat protective spray, which will coat your hair so the hot tool will glide over it without causing friction. It also acts like an insulator, preventing your strands from burning.

Overdoing With Heat Styling Tools

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re blow drying or flat-ironing your hair. But excessive use of heat styling tools can wreak havoc on your tresses. Blow drying or straightening your hair using the highest heat setting makes hair extremely dry and brittle, causing it to break easily.

The solution: To avoid heat damage, never blow dry hair while it is still wet and always use a heat protectant serum before using styling tools

Proper hair care is essential for keeping hair healthy and looking good. So avoid one of this general hair care mistakes and keep changing your hair style.

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