How to Choose the Perfect Foundation for Your Skin ?

12 Nov

A Girl Depicting Foundation ShadesOne of the most confusing beauty products to buy is foundation. There are so many colors and types of base makeup, it can make you dizzy. There are many things you have to take into consideration when choosing. Because it is the foundation to the rest of your makeup, you do not want to make mistakes when buying and applying. With a few helpful makeup tips, you will be able to pick the perfect skin foundation for your skin type. These tips will help you pick the right makeup to help with whatever skin challenge you are facing.

The right foundation can do wonders. It can hide imperfections, absorb oil, help with dry spots, even out skin tone, and help make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

The first thing you’ll want to decide is which kind of formulation you want.

  • Liquid: Liquid foundations tend to be either water-based or oil-based and work well on most skin types. Women with skin on the oily side should choose water-based formulas, while oil-based formulas tend to work better for women with drier skin.
  • Cream to powder: Cream-to-powder foundation formulas work great in humid climates and look fantastic on all skin types.
  • Cream: Cream formulas are known for their full coverage and typically have an oil base, making them less suitable for women with oily skin.
  • Mousse: With its light, airy texture, mousse foundation works great on younger skin and offers medium-to-weak staying power. The best mousse formulas have a slight ‘cushiony’ feel that allows for added wear and blendability.
  • Airbrush: Airbrush foundation offers full coverage and is frequently used by professional makeup artists for high-definition film work. It leaves the skin looking almost plastic, however, and the texture makes it difficult to layer over powder eye shadows or powder blush.
  • Powder/mineral: Powder mineral makeup works best for women who don’t need a lot of coverage or long wear. The staying power of mineral makeup is very low, and after a few hours the consistency tends to break down.

Once you’ve found your formula, you need to choose a coverage type. This all boils down to what you need to hide. If you like the no makeup look or simply like the option to layer, go for a sheer foundation. Those who want to hide minor skin discolorations should try medium coverage and anyone who has serious skin issues should use full coverage.

Regardless of the foundation formula you choose, getting the right shade is crucial to achieving a flawless look. To ensure you make the right choice, we recommend you selecting your shade in natural daylight.  If you’re buying foundation at a store where you can’t sample the shade before buying, try taking the foundation close to a window and see if it matches your skin tone. In a department store, try placing three swipes of close matches to your jawline or the inner part of your forearm. Then step out of the store into natural light. The shade closest to your skin tone should be your match.

With these expert tips, you’ll be able to easily select the right foundation for your skin type and tone — and get the flawless, even finish you’re after.

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