How to Add Volume to Fine Hair ?

13 Nov

Voluminous HairFor women with naturally fine hair, it can be frustrating to create volume and body. Fine hair often appears thin because it lacks the natural texture of thicker hair, which can make it difficult to style.

Luckily, there are a lot of methods and products to boost the volume of thin fine hair and make it look thicker and healthier even without the help of a hairstylist.

Volumizing Hair Products

Choose an appropriate volumizing or thickening shampoo and conditioner.

A volumizing shampoo prepares your hair for styling by penetrating deep into the cuticle of your hair. It will also eliminate any oil or product residue on your strands, which weigh your hair down and prevent it from having volume.

Volumizing conditioners are often sold alongside volumizing shampoos, and when used together they can create big volume in fine, thin hair.

Volumizing conditioners are also known as texturizing conditioners. Condition your hair with a volumizing conditioner immediately after shampooing. Work the conditioner into your strands and allow it to sit for one to three minutes. Rinse the conditioner out using cool water, which will reseal your cuticles, trapping the moisture of the volumizing conditioner inside of your hair.

These typically are very light and will give your hair the moisture it needs without weighing it down. No matter your budget, these shampoos and conditioners can be found either at your local drugstore or your favorite salon.

Texturizing Mousse 

A texturizing mousse is added to damp hair after you shower. Apply a quarter sized amount of texturizing mousse to your hands and work it through the roots of your hair using your fingers. Texturizing mousse mimics the natural texture of thick hair and will make your thin fine hair appear to be full of volume.

Avoid adding products to the ends of the hair as this my inadvertently weigh the hair down. If you need to detangle your hair, be sure to comb (not brush) from the bottom of the hair, working your way up to the roots. Avoid pulling or tugging on the hair.

After applying your product(s), you will need to dry your hair.

Blow-drying Tricks

If you have limp, curly hair, use a diffuser attached to a blow dryer to define your curls and use your fingers to lift the hair at the roots. Remember to be gentle with your curls – you want to create volume, not frizz! A root lifting spray can be used to finish your style just before it is completely dry.

If you have straight hair or want to create a smoother style, use a blow dryer (on a low setting) to first help remove some of the moisture. Try flipping your head over for a few minutes, this really helps to lift the roots, giving your hair volume!

Next, you’ll want to section your hair and begin to blow it dry using a round brush. With a directional nozzle on your hair dryer, start with the bottom sections of your hair and work your way up to the top sections of hair. Be sure to create lift and tension at the roots while drying. Before you move on to the next section, use your fingers to gently lift the roots away from the scalp and aim the dryer directly onto them with a cool shot of air.

Continue to do this until you have finished your hair. Depending on your hair length, and the style you’d like to achieve, flip the brush in or out at the ends of the hair.


Try a few highlights. This may sound strange but it will really help. When you color or highlight your hair it swells a little and gives it a slightly rougher texture that can give you that extra volume you have always wanted.

Some of these tricks may even take some time and practice at first, so be sure you’ve logged a few practice runs before you attempt to them for an important night or event.

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