8 Must Have Makeup Brushes

22 Nov

A Girl Holding Makeup Brushes

Using the right tools when applying makeup not only makes the job easier, it also results in fewer mistakes and saves time. And choosing the right makeup brushes in particular will help prevent those harsh lines you get when your makeup isn’t blended properly. However, there’s a big gap between deciding to buy some makeup brushes and coming home with the right ones.

Before you head out to your local beauty-supply shop read our tips on brush buying in order to cut down on the confusion.

There are specific brushes for the face, eyes, and lips that are makeup-bag essentials.

Foundation Brush

This makeup brush, which may also be referred to as a contour brush, has a wide, typically pointed head that glides along the curves of the face.

The size and shape of the bristles allow cream or liquid foundations to easily blend into the skin to smooth away imperfections. You can also use a foundation brush to apply bronzer.

Concealer Brush

Use this flat, oval-shaped brush (smaller than a foundation brush) to apply cover-up. It allows you to blend just the right amount of makeup over dark spots and blemishes.

Blush/Powder Brush

This brush has a large, rounded head that’s ideal for applying powder on the face, neck, and shoulders. Brushes with extra-large bristles are best for all-over coverage. To apply loose powder, use a brush with a soft finish. A slanted powder brush will help you achieve perfectly sculpted cheeks.

Eye-Shadow Brush

There are several styles of eye-shadow brushes, but a medium-sized angled or pointed one is a sure bet because it adds a precise amount of color to the brow area, along the eyelids, and into the creases. If you’re into the smoky-eye look, consider a smudge brush — it has shorter, domed bristles that are better to blend with.

Eyebrow Brush/Lash Comb

The eyebrow brush is a stiff, usually angled makeup tool that can be used to fill in or contour the brows. Simply dip it into brow powder and use upward strokes on sparse areas to create the illusion of thickness. The lash comb helps groom the brows and separates lashes to remove mascara clumps. You can also find dual-sided eyebrow brushes and lash combs, but the brushes on these versions usually resemble slim toothbrushes and are better for shaping unruly brows than filling them in.

Eyeliner Brush 

This typically finely pointed brush can be used wet or dry to apply eyeliner like a pro. For a smoky eye, a flat liner brush is best — line your eyes with its straight edge, then use a pushing motion on the line you’ve created for the smudged look.

Lip Brush

This type of brush has a small tapered point that lets you apply color or gloss in a few quick swipes. Retractable lip brushes are especially handy for keeping the brush free from dirt and dust particles. This brush also works to apply eyeliner (remember to wash the bristles with warm, soapy water before switching from lips to eyes and vice versa to prevent contamination).

Fan Brush 

A fan brush is great for cleanup. It gently dusts away any excess eye shadow that may have fallen beneath your eyes. Or it can be used to apply a light amount of color onto your cheeks.

Many makeup brush sets contain all these brushes in one, attractive, travel-friendly case — so be sure to shop around to find one that meets all your makeup needs!


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