Tricks on How to Apply Blush on Your Cheeks

3 Dec

A Girl Applying Blush on Her Cheeks Blush is the perfect beauty product for highlighting your cheekbones and giving your face a fresh, pretty flush of color. But getting that natural, pinched-cheek look requires choosing just the right color and formulation for your skin.

The trick with blush is to have the cheeks pick up enough vibrancy of color to brighten the complexion without overpowering the other features.

Blush Shades

Just as with foundation, it’s important to first choose a shade of blush that suits your skin tone.

  • If your skin has cool undertones: Choose plums, mauves, and cool pinks
  • If your skin has warm undertones: Choose earth-toned colors
  • If your skin has neutral undertones: Choose colors like rose, coral, and sandalwood (pinkish beige)
  • For all skin tones: Choose natural soft browns that mimic a tan.

When it comes to choosing the right blush, the easy way out is always the universal neutral palette. For example, on a blonde with fair/cool skin tones, Coral (neutral) can mix well with Cool Rose. On a brunette with medium/warm skin tones, Terra and Sandalwood (neutral) can really look great. And on an auburn with fair/neutral undertones, Sandalwood can blend well and look lovely with a light plum.It is also perfectly fine to mix and match blush shades that fall within one color family or that cross over into the neutral palette, which gives you a tremendous array of choice.

Blush Formulas

When selecting a formula of blush, it’s also important to keep your skin type and lifestyle in mind.

  • Cream: It works great as a light layer over foundation. It leaves the skin looking dewy and fresh.
  • Powder: The classic blush texture, powder works well on all skin types. When applying powder blush, it is recommended to lightly powdering the cheek area first to prevent the powdered pigment of the blush from clinging to the oils of the skin, which can create a blotchy look that’s difficult to blend.
  • Gels/stains: Gels and stains are super long-lasting formulas that are great for women on the go. Apply these formulas first, before the rest of the makeup. Thanks to the long-lasting effect of the stain, it will remain vibrant once the upper layers of makeup have worn off.

Blush Application

Of course, application is key to getting a natural look with blush, too. After all, no one looks good with obvious unblended strips or circles of color on their cheeks.

The best way to apply blush, is to apply the color to the upper apple of the cheek. First smile into the mirror to find the apple, then place the brush on the upper part of the cheek. Using soft circular motions, move out towards the cheekbone. Avoid using long strokes — they’ll give your face a sharper angle. Rounded checks are always more romantic and appealing. Also, the higher the cheek color, the more youthful the look.

If you want to give your cheekbones a more contoured, sculpted look, use two different shades of foundation. Use the darker shade just under the cheekbone to help create added shadow and perceived depth. Blend the dark and light shades seamlessly together and set with a light powder.

Then, using a duo blush, place the lighter shade on the cheekbone and the darker shade immediately under the cheekbone. For added contour, a light dusting of the darker blush shade can also be placed under the jawline and under the chin to help sharpen the contrast of the entire look.

With these beauty tricks you will get a perfectly natural flush.

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  1. learres1985 March 13, 2013 at 11:02 am #

    Thanks for sharing!

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