Choose Bronzer to Look Healthy and Sun-Kissed

19 Dec

A Girl with Applied Bronzer Bronzer is a great staple for any beauty bag. You don’t have to spend hours baking in the sun to get that summertime shimmer. With the proper bronzer application, you’ll look perfectly sun-kissed without any sun damage! 

An investment in a good bronzer can make you look like you’ve spent time in the sun even when you haven’t.

So, before going to a local store for a bronzer make sure to look through some tried-and-true tricks for how to find the right bronzer for your skin type and tone.

1. Choosing the Right Bronzer

There are two main types of bronzer: powder or liquid.

  • Powder bronzers work well with oily, combination and normal skin and are easy to apply for first timers. Use a short, fluffy blush brush to apply, but first blow excess bronzer off brush before application or you risk going overboard with color.
  • Liquid, cream- or gel-based bronzers are great if you have dry or normal skin or if you want to add a bit more illumination to you face and are great for emphasising cheekbones. Apply with finger or a sponge. As with most cream-based beauty products, it’s important to blend well into skin or you risk looking like a clown.

2. Pick the Right Shade

Most companies sell light, medium and dark bronzers. Choose a shade that’s no more than two shades darker than your skin.

Keep in mind you might need a different shade in winter than summer, when your skin is naturally darker. If you’re fair and sunburn easily, peach or pink bronzers are a great choice. Copper shades are nice on olive skin tones, while darker shades are perfect for dark skin. Avoid orange shades, which can look unnatural.

3. How to Apply Bronzer

Powder Bronzer:

Step 1: Use a big wide brush to apply your bronzer to the places the sun would naturally hit. Start on the apples of your cheeks and sweep back and upward on your face towards your temples.

Step 2: Sweep bronzer lightly across your forehead, down the bridge of your nose and your chin. Be light as a feather with this application and you’ll be sunkissed in seconds! You should also apply a light dusting of bronzer to your neck so that you colour looks even and can even aply it on your shoulders too.

Liquid Bronzer:

Step 1: Apply liquid bronzer with your fingers for a softer and more natural application or use a foundation brush for all over even coverage. If you are mixing the bronzer with foundation put a little of each on the back or your hand or a palette and mix it with the brush before applying.

Step 2: Apply a small amount extra to the apples of your cheeks and blend with circular motions to add extra colour and definition to your cheekbones.

So if you’re a fan of  Hollywood celebrities radiant skin, follow these few application tricks and you will master the natural-looking way to bronze up. It’s all about looking healthy, natural and making your friends a little envious with your fresh off a tropical vacation faux glow.


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