5 Skin Care Tricks from Celebrities

24 Dec

Celebrities, live in a “fish bowl” and are scrutinized on a daily basis. Imagine feeling like you could not go out to get the mail without the paparazzi snapping your photo. This is why celebrities care about their skin. They need a smooth, clear canvas for their makeup.

If you think you could benefit from the confidence of having clear, beautiful, youthful skin in the real world, then you’ve come to the right place.

Fortunately the Hollywood skin care tricks are gradually revealed to the public. Even if the majority of celebrities resort to plastic surgery to improve their looks, there are still some secrets that can be applied without having to go under the knife.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Skin Care TricksPerhaps the star whose name is most synonymous with gorgeous skin, JLo has publicly shunned facials and expensive anti-aging treatments. Instead, she attributes her trademark glow to getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night and staying as Zen as possible in the whirl of her celebrity.

She said several times that honey is her secret weapon for that beautiful glowing skin . It is an acknowledged fact that honey contains several nutrients and vitamins that are essential for our complexion.

That’s why use masks and moisturizers that have honey in them for a young and fresh skin. It can also do miracles for wrinkles and any skin problems. 

Halle Berry

Halle Berry Skin Care TricksAs a successful Oscar-winner actress Halle Berry is a true icon. Her beauties were also rewarded when winning endless praises on US beauty pageants. She claims that skin care routine  and above all cleansing your face at least twice a day as well as moisturizing is essential for a natural glow.

Halle Berry also advises us to use fruit acid cleaning solutions to exfoliate our skin, getting rid of dead cells.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz Skin Care Inspiring envy among women with olive-toned complexions worldwide, Cruz attributes her glow to a Mediterranean diet rich in fish, vegetables, olive oil, and red wine — as well as protective skin care. “I think simple is best,” says the star.

Cleanse gently, moisturize always, and wear sunscreen — it doesn’t need to get more complicated than that. The face of Lancôme, Cruz also keeps her face free of makeup on nonworking days so it can “breathe.”

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Skin Care Her secret for beautiful hands and feet is not a too complicated one. In fact she applies some hand lotion on her hands and puts on gloves, she does the same with her feet. It’s healthy and very soothing.

It is recommended to pamper your body and skin with this quick overnight treatment. This way the lotion penetrates more profoundly into the skin, having a more powerful effect on skin cells.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Skin Care Trocks  She also has her well-defined beauty routine, Jennifer claims that the secret to beautiful and kissable lips lies in a simple beauty trick. Every morning the actress puts half a teaspoon of sugar on her toothbrush.

Pouring some water on it and scrubbing her lips with this mixture, creates a glamorous effect. Jennifer Aniston also swears on the ice pack method to refresh her complexion.

After she wakes up she places these little tea bags on her eyes, keeping them for 10 minutes,  it is a quick trick to hide dark circles and puffiness.

 Try to steal some of these guaranteed celebrity skin care tricks right from our favorite stars.

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