What is BB Cream?

28 Dec

BB CreamBB cream, also known as Blemish Balm Cream is the hottest new thing in makeup and skin care. It started popping up in the US recently, but has been a smash hit in Asia for years. 

The BB Cream is everywhere right now! But what exactly is it and what beauty miracles does it promise? BB Creams have been 2011’s biggest beauty trend, thanks to their popularity in Asia, and the trend was also huge in 2012. Garnier was the first brand to jump on the.

If you haven’t got one in your makeup bag now, you soon will!

So what does BB Cream stand for?

Technically, it stands for Blemish Balm or Blemish Base but that doesn’t mean it’s a spot cream. It’s more of a multi-function cream that has coverage and skincare properties. BB cream is great for anyone with any skin color or any skin type.

What does it do?

Blemish Balm or BB Cream is a multi-tasking skin product that truly can be the one product your skin needs.

  • Produces a very natural, “no makeup look”
  • Provides perfect coverage like a foundation would but since it’s not as thick, it doesn’t clog the pores
  • Works pretty much like a tinted moisturizer
  • Conceals all types of pigmentation, discoloration, acne and other blemishes
  • Has healing properties that soften, smoothen and refine skin
  • Encourages skin regeneration to create and maintain youthful skin
  • Contains UV Protection for healthy skin (SPF levels differ for each brand/product)
  • Anti-wrinkle and skin-lightening benefits (available for some variants)

Isn’t this just a foundation?

Well, yes and no. It’s more like a tinted moisturizer, but with more coverage and many times an amazing SPF level. Each brand is different in its ability to cover blemishes and skin imperfections.

All BB creams vary in coverage, color, matte vs. dewy, SPF level, etc… It’s definitely a product you should experiment until you find the one best suited for you. If you don’t like a heavy foundation but still want coverage, BB cream is for you. It can also be used as a concealer or highlighter, too!

Who is it best suited for?

Most people with medium to light skin tone. But note that the BB cream might have to be mixed with foundation if you have dark skin tone. Unlike foundations, there is typically just one shade (or sometimes a couple shades) of BB cream.

How do I use it?

The magic of the BB Cream means you can wear it alone without foundation and you should get a light, natural finish coverage to give you a health glow and cover uneven skin tone. Use it when you don’t fancy wearing full foundation or if you want to brighten and perk-up your skin between work and a night out.

What BB cream doesn’t do?

It won’t cover like a foundation so if you suffer from spots you might need to go over problem areas with a concealer. There are also limited shades on offer – generally light, medium or dark. Watch out for pinky undertones too which will not suit darker skins.

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