Tricks on Getting Rid of Dry Skin

16 Jan

Dry SkinDry skin is not only unattractive, but it can also be a source of discomfort. The following tricks on preventing dry skin work for all skin types.

There is more to getting rid of dry skin than simply slathering on the lotion.


It is possible to over-exfoliate your skin, so try to limit this dead skin removal process to once a week. You don’t want to make your skin raw from too much exfoliating. Luffas work great for all areas of skin, but be careful not to scrub too hard. An assortment of facial and body cleansers also contain bits of pumice or crushed pecan shells. If you are using one of these types of products, you don’t have to use a harsh scrubbing pad to apply it.

Drink Plenty of Water

Most people are already aware of how much water the human body contains. Because of the large volume of water in each cell, it’s important to maintain a healthy intake of water each day. Drinking the right amount of water helps remove toxins in the cells as well. At least eight 8 ounce servings should be consumed each day. That really isn’t a lot of water if you take the time to measure it out; it’s only a half gallon of water.

Avoid Hot Water 

Extremely hot water will remove all oils from your skin, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. A protective layer of oil on your skin is going to keep the upper layer of cells from drying out and becoming tight.

Wash With a Moisturizing Soap   

Whether it’s soap for your body or specifically for your face, make sure it has at least a small amount of moisturizer added to it. If you don’t have any on hand, then adding a bit of baby oil or even olive oil to you’re a pitcher of warm water and pouring it over your skin before getting out of the tub will help immensely.

Protect Your Skin from Adverse Conditions 

Applying sunblock in the summer and an oil-based moisturizer in the winter will help protect your skin from the elements when spending time outside. The sunblock or moisturizer should be applied more than just in the morning if you will be spending the majority of the day outside.

Moisturize Skin After Bathing

The pores on your skin will be wide open after a bath or shower, which is how they end up releasing a lot of water from your skin. Putting on moisturizer while the pores are open will help prevent your skin from losing the little bit of moisture it has left in it. Your skin will also absorb the lotion much better when it is applied right after bathing.

Use a Humidifier 

Winter weather is notorious for making skin unbelievably dry. A humidifier can add more moisture to the air and eliminate a lot of the dryness your skin experiences. It isn’t necessary to have a humidifier in every room of the house. Place a small one in the area you hang out the most.

So, I hope these tricks on preventing dry skin will help you to keep your skin looking radiant all year long.

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