Tricks to Solve Common Make Up Problems

31 Jan

Make up ProblemsWe always look for diverse tricks to solve common make up problems. We have picked up some tips to make the process a whole lot easier and foolproof.

If you feel like you’re fighting a battle against your make up products, check out following tricks for some common beauty problems and how to solve them.

1. Eyeshadow Fallout

Ever noticed how after putting eyeshadow on you’ll sometimes end up with fallen pigments on your cheeks? When looking at make up problems and how to solve them, it’s all about prevention. In this instance, try holding a folded piece of tissue underneath your eye when applying to catch any fallout.

2. Cakey Eye Concealer

This problem has more to do with the product you’re using. Ditch the heavy cream concealer and opt for a liquid formula instead. If you’re using concealer under the eyes, choose one with a peachy base to balance out any blueish tones in the skin.

3. Clumpy Mascara

The quest for perfect lashes is never ending! When it comes to make up problems and how to solve them, clumpy mascara is a big one. The product you use plays a big part, but nothing’s perfect so when you do end up with clumpy lashes, gently separate them with a fine eyelash/brow comb or with a clean, dry mascara brush.

4. Gunky Gloss

Even a good lip gloss, often gets all gunky and leaves a white film around the edges of your lips. It’s usually caused by dry and flaky lips in the first place, so exfoliate beforehand to make sure lips are smooth. To remove that yucky white film try running a cotton swab on the inside of your lips.

5. Lipstick on Your Teeth

When it comes to make up problems and how to solve them, this is one of the most embarrassing yet easiest to prevent. Lipstick usually ends up on your teeth because it has gotten on the inside of your lips. Fix this by blotting your lips with a tissue after applying lip color or swiping a thin sheet of Vaseline over your teeth to prevent lipstick from sticking.

6. Mascara Smears

Very often when applying mascara you may blink suddenly and have it transferred either to your eyelids or under eye area. Instead of removing all your make up and starting from scratch, wait for the mascara to dry and dab the areas with a cotton bud to remove the dots of mascara.

7. Heavy Handed Blusher

Ever had moments where you’ve put on too much blusher and ended up looking clownish? When it comes to make up problems and how to solve them, most can be fixed without having to start from scratch. If you’ve used powdered blush, dust some loose translucent powder on to diffuse the color. If it’s a cream blush, just lightly sponge on some liquid foundation over the top.

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