How to Choose The Right Eyeshadow Color

10 Feb

Eyeshadow colorEyes are considered to be jewels of our body. It feels really good to polish them with an eyeshadow but do you sometimes wonder why a certain eyeshadow is not looking good on you? Maybe because the color that you have chosen is just not right. 

People make this mistake often by using the same eyeshadow color as their clothes. You can choose a color to compliment that with the color of your clothes but never match it entirely. Remember that the colors which suit others might not necessarily suit you. 

Contrary to the belief, you should never match your eyeshadow with the color of your eyes. For example, blue eyeshadow on blue eyes will just make it look dull. This does not mean blue-eyed color people should not use blue eyeshadow. They can use it as long as they blend in other complimentary colors to make it more vibrant or neutral. Also make sure not to put the exact same eyeshadow color as your eyes on the area of the lid right above your iris. Try to apply that color either on your crease or outer corner.

The general rules for choosing eyeshadow for different eye colors are the following:

Brown & Hazel eyes– Brown eyed people are pretty lucky in this regard as they can experiment with the most number of colors. From amber, slate grey, charcoal, copper to lavender, violet all suit brown eyes. Even eyeshadow shades like khaki, olive, dark brown and yellow shades like gold work well with brown eyes.

Blue eyes– Pink, orange, peach, purple, coral, wine, gray, black undertones tend to emphasize blue eyes more. Also silver eyeshadow works really well with blue eyes unlike with brown eyes. Avoid any eyeshadow with blue-green undertones.

Green eyes– Eyeshadow with red undertones like burgundy, maroon and colors like apricot, peach, plum, gray pops out and compliments the green of the eyes more than any other colors.

Eyeshadow Color Wheel

Eyeshadow Color Wheel

This wheel will give you a fair idea of what color you should opt for. Basically find out your eye color in this wheel and just see the color placed on the exact opposite of that color. For example right opposite green is placed different shades of plum and magenta which is what suits green eyes more as mentioned.

Don’t limit your creativity to only the colors listed. These are no strict rules to follow but if you are an eye makeup beginner these guidelines will help you choose and decide which colors will suit you more than others.

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