Types of Eye Shadows Based on Finish and Texture

20 Feb

Eye Shadow Types Eye shadow is an important part of your eye make up that will help to intensify or soften your look, create desired mood and also improve your eye shape. To achieve desired look, mood and eye shape you have to learn a little about the different types of eye shadows available in the market and how you can use them to give your eyes a unique touch. 

Before choosing an eye shadow you should be clear on three things, i.e. the situation you are making up for, the texture of your make up product and the shape of your eyes. One of the most important tips is to apply a good eyeshadow primer or base before you proceed with the eye make up. The eyeshadow primer works well in keeping your eye make up intact, besides making it easier to apply the rest of the eye make up.

Types of Eye Shadow Based on Finish 

Matte Eye Shadow Type

Matte Eye Shadow: Matte shades will create a natural look. Matte eye shadow has a higher concentration of color and is an excellent choice for shaping and defining the eyes. Matte eye shadow are more suited to mature skin.


Shimmer Eyeshadow

Shimmer Eye Shadow: Shimmer eye shadow will give you sheer coverage with a hint of sparkle. Shimmer eye shadow comes with many glamorous colors and suitable for women of all ages and skin types. Light shimmery colors are often used to highlight the eye area. If fine lines and wrinkles are a concern, shimmery eye shadow will not settle into your fine lines.

Satin Eye Shadow

Satin Eye Shadow: Satin eye shadow has a little more sparkle than a Matte but less sparkle than a Shimmer. Satin eye shadow can be used by people with all skin types, may it be youthful or mature skin.


Types of Eye Shadow Based on Texture

Pressed Powders Eye Shadow

Pressed Powders: The powder type of the eye shadow is the best to use, because it is usually well pigmented which makes sure that the true color comes out even with a mild stroke.  Usually it is applied with a brush. Some of these eye shadows are available to be used both wet and dry. Pressed eye shadows have a longer shelf life since they are dry.




Pigment Eye Shadow

Pigment: Pigments have become very popular recently and many brands now offer loose pigments. They are made of pigments and other filler ingredients. Pigments tend to be a lot brighter and more pigmented then pressed powders. When used wet they are even more pigmented. Pigments can also be mixed together and mixed with hair and body products. Many people mix them to create different nail polish and lip colors.

Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid: At the time of buying this type of eye shadow, you must look for the lightweight texture, so that the application remains easy. Applying it can be a little tricky; you need to hold your eyelid very still till the eye shadow has completely dried, because the liquid eye shadows are highly prone to flaking and getting messed up around the crease. The liquid ones are best suited when you are going to be using just one single color, because blending different shades will turn out to be real messy job.

Cream Eyeshadow Type

Cream: In case of the cream based eye shadow, you can think about blending but you must avoid blending more than two colors or else you will see a grayish tinge on the crease. These ones are best applied with your fingertips or a sponge applicator. Creamy eye shadows can bleed at times, so you should use an eye pencil along the eyelashes, to prevent the eye shadow from bleeding into the eyes.

Baked Eye ShadowBaked: Baked eye shadow is also pressed like a powder shadow, but it’s marbleized and baked in an oven. It can be used either dry or wet, and can sometimes have more than one color swirled in it.

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