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Make Up Tricks for Green Eyes

14 Mar

A Girl with Green EyesGreen is one of the prettiest and most unusual eye colors. But what’s the best make up to bring that color out?

If you have green eyes, try these make up tricks to bring out the best in your eyes. A wonderful way to bring out those stunning green eyes is with the right application, using eye shadow.

You will find that warm colors are all excellent choices for green eyes. As for instance: Continue reading

What is CC Cream?

3 Mar

CC creamThe biggest beauty product trend is BB creams. Just about every beauty company in the world spent the last 12 months formulating and then launching one of these tinted multi-taskers otherwise known as “beauty balms.” 

Then, a few months ago, we started hearing whispers among big players in the beauty biz about another hot skin care trend coming out of Asia — a cream that would do the BB one better. The obvious name for such a product? The CC cream.   Continue reading

Types of Eye Shadows Based on Finish and Texture

20 Feb

Eye Shadow Types Eye shadow is an important part of your eye make up that will help to intensify or soften your look, create desired mood and also improve your eye shape. To achieve desired look, mood and eye shape you have to learn a little about the different types of eye shadows available in the market and how you can use them to give your eyes a unique touch.  Continue reading

Make Up for Glasses

14 Feb

Make Up for GlassesThese days, eye wear is one of the coolest fashion accessories out there. Glasses are no longer a frumpy accessory of the past. Whether you’re a daily user or just can’t be bothered to put in your contact lenses for the day (or week!), there are a few tricks to getting your eyes to pop under those stylish specs.  Continue reading

How to Choose The Right Eyeshadow Color

10 Feb

Eyeshadow colorEyes are considered to be jewels of our body. It feels really good to polish them with an eyeshadow but do you sometimes wonder why a certain eyeshadow is not looking good on you? Maybe because the color that you have chosen is just not right. 

People make this mistake often by using the same eyeshadow color as their clothes. You can choose a color to compliment that with the color of your clothes but never match it entirely. Remember that the colors which suit others might not necessarily suit you.  Continue reading

Celebrity Make up Looks To Try

5 Feb

Celebrity make up looks are fun to wear, and can be fitting for all occasions! Movie and television characters are a great source of inspiration if you want to change up your normal makeup routine.

Here you will find celebrity make up trends that are easy and fun to apply!

Beyonce as Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers

Beyonce as Foxy Cleopatra Celebrity Make up Look Continue reading

Tricks to Solve Common Make Up Problems

31 Jan

Make up ProblemsWe always look for diverse tricks to solve common make up problems. We have picked up some tips to make the process a whole lot easier and foolproof.

If you feel like you’re fighting a battle against your make up products, check out following tricks for some common beauty problems and how to solve them. Continue reading

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