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Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for Your Skin

13 Mar

Vitamin C SerumVitamin C has become an increasingly popular ingredient in cosmetic skin care products. In 1992, Dr. Sheldon Pinnell of Duke University published the results of a study that proved the vitamin-C form of L-ascorbic acid reduced sun damage. Now, in the cosmetics world, vitamin C is a star ingredient in facial serums. Continue reading

5 Crucial Skin Care Ingredients

28 Feb

Crucial Skin Care IngredientsFor gorgeous, glowing skin and a smooth complexion, turn to these crucial skin care ingredients

Like the end product of any recipe, your skin requires quality ingredients for the best results. What  are the ingredients that will help your skin look healthy, ward off damage, and stay young? Below, we reveal the five superstar ingredients your skin needs to look its best.  Continue reading

Essential Products for Evening Skin Care Routine

17 Feb

Evening Skin Care RoutineWe all know how important our skin care routines are and our evening skin care routine is of utmost importance since that’s when our cells repair and rebuild. Since sleep is so important to our skin’s health, let’s make the most of that crucial time and make sure we give our skin what it needs to look its best! 

Here are essential products for your evening skin care routine.  Continue reading

How to Get Rid and Prevent Blackheads

13 Feb

A Girl with BlackheadsWe know that blackheads are not something you want on your face – ever. The word alone is not a pretty one.  The longer blackheads go untreated, the more they expand your pores, and the longer they stay expanded, the bigger your pores become.  

Blackheads or comedones are basically the same as whiteheads, except for blackheads have an oxidized fatty deposit. And when fatty deposits are oxidized, they turn dark. So they’re called blackheads. When they’re not oxidized, they’re called whiteheads. Blackheads differ from other pimples because they are open, and not enclosed by a layer of skin like most spots or pimples.  Continue reading

Honey and Skin Care

9 Feb

Honey and Skin CareHoney and skin care is a beautiful combination! Honey isn’t just for sweetening your tea or soothing a sore throat, there are many skin benefits of honey that you should take advantage of! Honey not only works for caring for everyday skin conditions, it is also used as a treatment for various skin problems. 

Due to its qualities honey is widely used in different skin care products. It is used as a skin care product since centuries. Cleopatra used honey and milk for her bath to keep her looking youthful.   Continue reading

Guide to Skin Care Ingredients

3 Feb

A Woman Looking Through Skin Care Ingredients The ability to understand and analyze the ingredients in your skin care is important for correctly choosing the products that provide the best possible balance of effectiveness and safety.

Take a look at these common skin care ingredients below and be an educated consumer!  Continue reading

Main Benefits of Face Masks

30 Jan

A Girl with Face MaskIf you need any more reasons to use masks as part of your skin care routine, take a look at these benefits of face masks! Face masks are a nice and easy way to treat your skin to all kinds of skin goodies and give yourself a mini facial in a matter of minutes! 

Whether you’ve got a special occasion coming up or you just want your skin to look its very best for every day, read up on these benefits of face masks to achieve happy, healthy skin!  Continue reading

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